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Job Sites in UAE

Job sites in UAE

 UAE – The Job-Spot:

UAE has been one of the dream place that many of us wonder to land in. Be it the busy night life, or innovative projects digging islands into sea, be it the posh living style or the multi-cultural divine experience, UAE exhibits fun, entertainment and of course great work opportunities, if hit at the right nail. ILO claims UAE to be one of the largest hubs for work migration amongst 6 GCCs’.

Finding job is one of the greatest challenges of all time. Although job sites are always at aid, so does the job sites in UAE, yet ensuring to get on to authentic sources is also worth considering. There is a plenty of information available on best job sites in UAE.  The purpose would be served only if you actually land up on the job you always wanted to.

Clarity in Terms:

Before starting to visit job sites in UAE, ensure to be clear with the category you fall in. Job sites in UAE are sometimes confusing in terms of who can apply and who cannot. Only exceptions one has to be aware of Emirati/ UAE national, as this refers to Arab citizens born in UAE. But not a big concern, as a good job site in UAE would lead you way clearly towards what you want.

Employment for all:

UAE hosts unlimited opportunities for all. This includes Non-Emiratis and anyone regardless of the country they come from. The below mentioned job sites in UAE have excellent filters and categories to enable users’ through a free and convenient job search.

Conventional Job Portals:

The first one comes on job sites in UAE list is what every prospective job-seeker would start to look from. The private job portals, they are conventional means to connect the employers and employees directly. The beauty of accessing these job portals is that their listings are not limited to one city or state but the whole Gulf region. The filters and categories makes it easy for user to narrow down their search options. These job sites in UAE have regular updates. They also enable potential searchers to get understanding of UAE job markets and salary/industry trends.


The most loved site by people looking for jobs specifically in UAE. It has job listings categorised region wise and role wise. It is quiet easy to navigate. Bayt further eases option for its new visitors by displaying a video on how recruitment process works at Bayt.  This job site in UAE  has listings from over 40000 employers from all over UAE. Bayt to offer list of recruitment agencies registered with it. For convenience purposes, users also have option of browsing job searches country wise, as the option added in the site.


Yet another rich job site in UAE listing opportunities here. Its filter option allow users to manually enter the nature of their role, job title and location to quickly navigate customized alternatives. The site also allow opportunity for both job-seekers and employers to place an ad by simply creating an account.


Laimoon is also a renowned digital service surfed by UAE residents frequently. Besides a job site in UAE, it is an appropriate platform for anyone who is willing to reach heights of their careers. It is an online informative service helping job-seekers, students along with offering latest sectorial trends. Following Laimoon blogs is also a great way to explore the most recent events and opportunities that are relevant to jobs and career management.

Naukri Gulf:

Naukri platform is probably the one which is not unknown to anyone. It is the leading job relevant platform in every region it operates and probably Gulf is no exception. Naukri Gulf covers all the six GCC countries. UAE is however the primary one where Naukri Gulf has a stronger and major hold of the market.

Monster Gulf:

Following Naukri Gulf, is the next major job portal, Monster. Both Naukri and Monster are updated with cutting-edge technology. They render user-friendly and genuine experiences for its users. This makes these job sites unique. Since these sites share detailed information about the employers, gaining a lot of knowledge about job prospects in UAE becomes easy for all.

With regular eyes-on these sites,  non-Emiratis, students and new visitors in UAE can hunt jobs easily.


Indeed also hits the list of Job sites in UAE. It is unique and detailed. It has a special feature of allowing questions and answers. The home page itself allow options to find a job,  review the employes and salary prospects. Job-seekers also have option to ask questions about listed companies. This is important as now a days job-seekers are keen to know about company culture, hiring process, compensation packages and job security etc. It boasts to reach millions in terms of monthly visitors, CV databases, ratings and reviews. One can genuinely anticipate to start off earnings with Indeed.


How can one forget gulf-talent when posting about job sites in UAE? Similar to Laimoon, Gulf talent hosts a hub of opportunities for job-seekers, professionals and students. It give lot of information about salary standards for different job roles. Sector based and latest employer trends news is updated here on regular basis. The opportunities listed on this site are not but limited to UAE but overall Gulf region.


This a job site in UAE which is run by sophisticated AI systems. The profile generation and matching requirements are generated by default as set by the system. It works in similar manner for both recruiters and job-seekers.

This e-platform is open to access for everyone around the world. It is attributed to MOHRE (‘Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation’). Since this digital platform works in accordance to the AI system, it ensures maximum data protection and confidentiality. This is also satisfying for both recruiters and job-seekers.  The formers can seek work opportunities conveniently. It maximizes employer visibility to the target audiences.

Other Online Alternatives:

Besides the above mentioned Job sites in UAE, there are a few worthy options to give a try.  Yes! Alluring opportunities are designed especially for new talents through eFair specifically available at Abu Dhabi.  Yet another one is careersuae which not only hosts upcoming job events but also provide users with recent industry news. With pandemic challenging traditional way of recruitment, these online sites are making commendable efforts in ensuring the continuity of employment. Nationalcareer is yet another experienced group working on launching innovative career exhibitions.

Along with job sites in UAE, one should also stay active on Networking sites like FaceBook and Linkedin.

Visiting the employers’ websites directly and applying for jobs could be a desirable option. Many sites have career sections which allow job-seekers with opportunities to apply for job. For such job search, the following links are most referred to:

Classifieds – The All Time Fav:

When talking about job vacancies, what comes to mid first is the traditional Classifieds. Be it online or the newspapers, classified section has its own place in publications. Various sectors and transactions benefit from classifieds hence they are inevitable.One can browse classifieds for many reasons. To mention a few vacancies, buying and selling, rental and real estates etc.

Since Arabic is official language in the UAE, specific classifieds in English can be found at The Khaleej Times, Dubizzle and Waseet.


A plenty of recruitment consultancies operate across UAE. A simultaneous method to have oneself registered with these agencies can be wise. These agencies ensure to customise your profile in accordance to the job markets. However, ensuring that the recruitment consultancy you have opted is recognised with the Ministry of HR and Emiratisation should be verified.

For the Emiratis:

Emiratis can access specific job sites in UAE. For instance, the Federal Government portal, it has jobs widely posted by the government departments. It is subset of the UAE government portal. It has a specific menu allocated for jobs, besides, education, visa and other aspects relevant to staying or visiting UAE. The portal has updates on recent vacancies with regular updates from time to time.

Similar is the Emirates Job Bank where jobs in various government sectors like construction, banking, IT, Farming/Agriculture, logistics & transportation etc. can be found. It has update on all major vacancies across all states of the UAE. This site mainly hunts for professionals. So if you are a professional, you can end up finding something important here.

Apart from full time employment seeking Emiratis, AEFreelancer has niche offering for Emirati freelancers. All it requires for a potential job applicant to be 21 years of age.

Job search is often tedious. But it is not necessarily because the job-seekers lack necessary skills. Sometimes a right approach also matters. There are a number of factors which makes job-hunting a challenging task. Jobseekers should prepare for it innovatively. Planning is essentially a key step. It is must to have an updated and fidel resume. If you doubt, your CV needs a polish, approach an expert.  Following rightly textured resume, is interview preps. Do not lose hopes on initial rejections. Confidence with the above scopes should make wonders! Good Luck!